The Festival will be held in Rivoli from the 26/11/2020 to the 29/11/2020.

How to participate

The contest is open to movie directors of all kinds and levels, advanced and newcomers.

Films should be submitted according to the following requirements: Eligible for submission are short films no longer than 15 minutes in length, including the headlines and credits.

Film Categories

We offer a wide space for creativity, 4 themes are proposed: (no language)

a) Comedy in all its aspects

b) Social Matters or themes involving women’s conditions

3) “No language” works

4) Themes related to the environment, either short clips or documentaries.



The Films, in which the aspect of social matters is the soul of the film work, focus on topics regarding the MINORITIES of all kinds, DENOUNCE VIOLENCE ON WEAK CATEGORIES, DISABILITIES in the acceptance of this term, VIOLENCE, YOUTH ISSUES, BULLYING, UNEMPLOYMENT, PROBLEMS FACED BY ELDERS, PERSECUTION under any ETHICAL FORM, RELIGION, FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND SPEECH.


No Language:

-Movie clips in which the part of the image and/ or music is predominant compared to the speaking part, in particular, a limit of 15 dialogues between the actors is mandatory FOR clips up to the length of 15 MINUTES. What words do not say.


– By comedy films we intend all the aspects embracing topics that fall within the sphere of humour, with the exception of subjects that fall within the concept of the satirical category.


-The theme of the environment means DENUNCIATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST NATURE as well as towards ANIMALS. In this section we will accept both short movies as well as short documentaries having a maximum length of 15 minutes.

These requests must not be considered “limits” but considered an encouragement to creativity for writers, directors and actors and constitute the peculiarity of a sector of this festival.

How to participate

Participation is subject to the presentation of:

a) A registration form

b) Sending the film work via WeTransfer

c) Promotional material for the press.

WORKS belonging to the following categories will not be TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATIONS: clips containing PORNOGRAPHIC images or referring to radical political leaders, religious extremists or any kind of content contrary to the accepted principles of morality.

d) The judging of admission is indisputable and it is up to the pre-selection of the INTERNAL COMMISISON of the RIVOLI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL composed by 3 judging members.

Application deadline

Films must be compulsorily submitted by 8 PM of the 18th of September 2020.

Deadline for registration: 11th September 2020.

Registration fee

a) There is a pre-registration fee of € 20.00 (twenty) FOR EVERY FILM SENT. The pre-registration fee will grant access to the participants at the first selection where the jury members will select the films that will go to the final phase of the festival.

b) A participation fee of € 20.00 (twenty) will then be asked to the ones who reach the final stage of the festival. The participants will be confirmed by e-mail about the acceptance/not acceptance followed by a feedback.

The fee must be transferred to the following bank details:

Polbert Cinèma – IT25X0326830871052953342430 – Banca Sella

Reference: participation to the pre-selection of the International Film Festival Rivoli 2020 [followed by the title of your film].

In regards of the participation to the second and final stage of the contest, the reference in the bank transfer is required to be the following:

Participation to the final of the International Film Festival Rivoli 2020 [followed by the title of your film].

Alternatively the remittance of the payment can be made directly via PayPal using the pay now option on the International Film Festival Rivoli website.

The producer/director must remember to always write the title of the film in the description.

Film selection

The Internal commission will examine the films uploaded and will select the ones to be admitted to the second stage of the competition.

The results of the selection will be indisputable as mentioned in the 3rd point.

The authors of the films will personally be informed via email and publication on the event website: as well as on the Facebook page: Rivoli International Film Festival within the 24th of July 2020.


In the evenings of the competition there will be 3 different juries, one judging the films regarding Social Matters, another judging the “No Language” and a third one judging the “Comedy”.

These are qualified juries, composed by experts in the sector, who will judge the films and admit participants to the final part of the competition available to the public after being carefully examined through the pre-selection process.


Among all the films of the competition, the following prizes will be awarded to:


The Golden Castle award will go to the Best Film winner, the Silver Castle award for the second Best Film and the Bronze Castle award to the third Best Film.

To the first qualified as best production/direction will be awarded by our sponsor, a voucher worth € 500.00 to be spent in cinema equipment.

Best actor/actress award: obelisk dio Beccaria.

Best soundtrack: awarded with a plaque.

The prizes must be collected by the participants or by an appointed representative. Failing to do so will determine the invalidation of the awarding.

The awarded films will be mentioned on the website and on the Facebook page as mentioned in point 6.


The authors assume all responsibility for the recorded and edited material (audio and video) for the realization of the film presented, the true correspondence for what was declared and written in the competition entry form. Furthermore, in the case of NON ORIGINAL music, but downloaded from electronic devices or from the Internet, the author or his/her representative will have to meticulously fill in the section “ELENCO BRANI MUSICALI UTILIZZATI” available in the REGISTRATION FORM.

Other uses

The winning short films may be used (entirely or partially) by the organizers of the Rivoli International Film Festival on digital platforms or on the internet (with mention to the authors and trademarks of the film work) and in other areas (libraries, local broadcasting and cultural hubs etc …) for proposals, meetings and debates concerning the purposes of the festival and its topics.

Except for the winning films, nothing of the other movies which were not awarded will be used (neither entirely nor partially).

Acceptance to the contest

Participation to the contest implies a full acceptance by the organizers.

The organizing staff of the International Rivoli Film Festival wishes all the participants a 2020 full of creativity and good cinema!

President Simone Poletto